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Our Unique Design Strategy

We hold our design strategy in high regard as the key to our success in delivering products and services with greater than expected results.
Let us explain the 5 steps in our design process:

An in-depth briefing session is crucial to determine your current position in the market and to identify the hurdles of reaching your goals.
Here we discuss important topics such as: Who your target market is; What your goals are; If you want to approach a new target market; Is it a launch of a new product/service or existing?; Do you want to Create a consumer attitude, reinforce consumer attitude or change the consumer attitude?; What would you need to reach your goals.
Essentially, we identify the problems in order to construct efficient visual solutions.

Step 2 is all about the planning. We have identified the key factors to be addressed in order to reach your goals. By analyzing your current position in the market, the product/services that you deliver and looking at your current target market, or a new prospective target market, we build a concept fitted specifically aimed at reaching the goals as determined in step 1. With extensive knowledge on consumer habits, we look at the elements and types of designs needed in order to either create a consumer attitude, reinforce it, or change it. Whichever one is needed. We identify design requirements to reach your specified audience, which could include both printing and digital media. We focus on the image you would need for your business to stand out from the crowd, which could include a new corporate identity with a fresh and professional look & feel.

Once done with the analysis and research, we kick off the design process. This is where the creative juices flow into strong concepts that forms the look & feel of your corporate identity. The designs are created in accordance with the identified target market's consumer habits, in order to motivate call-to-action from your target market. The target market must be able to relate to and understand your concept. We strive to portray your product/service as a necessity to convince consumers that it would improve their lives. Surprisingly, colors and shapes have a massive impact on how consumers react. Therefore, when designing print and digital media, these aspects are taken into close consideration. We also consider the practicality of the look & feel when it comes to branding, embroidering, sandblasting, signage, etc.

In step 4 we refine what we have created in step 3. You as the client, have the opportunity to critique the designs, mention any worries and object to anything that you are not satisfied with. Many times it is necessary to take a step back to the drawing board in order to meet your criteria. We can also determine the feasibility of the designs by creating different scenarios and discuss the expected outcomes. According to this, we can conclude that the designs meet the requirements to reach the goals as specified in step 1. In this step, the designs are to be finalized, approved and signed off by you.

The final step is the stage where we implement the designs. Whether the designs are print based or digital, we will launch the designs and implement it where intended. This could include your website, Facebook, Twitter, billboards, vehicle branding, print advertisements, letterheads, business cards, company profiles, flyers, posters, banners, corporate gifting, corporate clothing, signage, etc.

"It's not about what you sell. It's about how you sell it."

Our Skillset

Logo Design or Redesign
Corporate Branding
Print Based Design
Digital Design
Website/Blog/Online Store Design
Time Management

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve our clients in an honest, reliable and transparent manner, to deliver original products designed according to the specific needs of the client's goals. We strive to build solid and long lasting client relationships through swift service and good communication. Black Fig Jam will soon be the market leader in multimedia multi-platform design, marketing & advertising in the lower North-West region.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve each client as an individual considering the individual needs of the business. Your focus is our focus. We envision each project to be a major success and breakthrough for each of our clients. Regardless the magnitude of the project at hand, we strive that each client is as satisfied as the last. Individual attention given to each project, results in the best possible outcome for our clients.

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