Proudly sponsoring Wessel “Wess Express” Mostert Amateur World Champion & Undefeated

Black Fig Jam is very proud to announce that we have officially joined the group of companies, sponsoring the UNDEFEATED Amateur World Champion EFC fighter, Wessel “Wess Express” Mostert.

His powerful new logo will soon be striking the public with the same impact as one of Wess Express’ punches.

Keep an eye out for custom apparel which will soon be available for purchase, boasting the Wess Express brand as never seen before.

Wessel “Wess Express” Mostert, we are very proud to be backing you.

To view Wessel “Wess Express” Mostert’s EFC profile, click here.

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  1. I think this is a stunning logo and just love it. BLACKFIGJAM really does amazing work and I would recommend them for any person who wants to revamp their business. Awesome work BLACKFIGJAM .

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