Black Fig Jam specializes in multimedia multi-platform marketing & advertising, graphic design, web design & personalized presentations.

This includes anything and everything from print to digital design.

Some of our most popular services

Corporate Identity Design

This is a package which generally consists of a logo design, letterhead design and business card/ e-mail signature design. A strong corporate ID becomes your company's face. It should be designed so strong, that it can be recognized by only the silhouette or a part of the identity. Think of Coca-Cola. You'd recognize it instantly.

Print Based Design

This would include any print based items, from flyers and brochures straight through to billboards and double page spreads. The possibilities are endless, quite frankly. It is even possible to have your prints die-cut into custom shapes. There are also very popular options when it comes to printing, for example UV Spot Varnish, to give you that expensive edge, or gold foiling for a more luxurious feel. These to examples are very popular for company folders that are handed out to important clients.

Animated Presentations

These presentations are personalized with your company's look & feel, and are designed to catch and keep your audience's attention through animation and interactivity. These presentations can be embedded into websites or copied to a CD or DVD, making it the perfect tool for digital company profiles or brochures.

Custom Party Accessories

We offer custom designs for any occasion, from personalized invitations, to paper crafted party favors. We do vinyl cut-outs, stencils, custom stamps, custom fabric cut-outs and so much more.

Web Design

We create professional and user-friendly websites that are striking at first sight. Did you know that the average person takes 3 seconds to decide if they will find what they are looking for, once landing on your home page? That is proof enough that your website should look professional in order to obtain and keep clients visiting.

Corporate Gifting

Whether you want to thank your employees for their devotion to your company, or you need promotional gifts to hand out, corporate gifting always comes in handy. From coffee mugs through to sandblasted beer glasses. The wide variety of gifts available are suitable for even the tightest of budgets. And it's good advertising too.

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In a nutshell...

With Black Fig Jam being an established company, we have achieved great results, built strong & long lasting client relationships through offering exceptional quality work, whatever our client's needs.
We take pride in our extensive knowledge of technology, social media, networking, consumer behavior, design ethics, and the general needs of business, being it creating a new business, or re-establishing an already existing business.

Some of our clients

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