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About the Founder / Managing Director

A successful entrepreneur and owner of multiple businesses with at least 10 years of experience in customer relations & customer service, along with 5 years of experience in business management, Chanell Steyn sets out to offer exceptional services & build long term business relationships.

“I believe that honest, transparent business relationships are very important in creating sustainable business. By considering our clients’ goals as our common goals, Black Fig Jam works tirelessly on each project focusing on exceeding expectations in high quality work completed within constraints.”

Chanell is a passionate creator at heart with a head for business, identifying opportunities and leaving no stone unturned in reaching goals. With a delightful personality and a touch of sassiness, Chanell drives Black Fig Jam to provide exceptional client service and benchmark quality work.


Her hobbies include reading up on topics of business, tech innovation and current events, social gatherings to meet new people, and traveling to new places gaining new experiences. She loves fast cars and is a bit jealous of Supercar Blondie. Chanell frequently cracks jokes as she just wants everyone to smile at least once a day.

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